“LAN-SDS” AT Kommando Applikation


Welcome to LAN-SDS  for TEA1 TUI Customers  (Transport, Utility, Industry) 410-430 MHz

LAN-SDS” Application for DMO and TMO

Tested Radios: THR880i, THR9i, TMR880i, TH1N with min. SW Level 6.69

LAN-SDS Products:

LAN-SDS Lite  for TEA1 offers Text & Status only ( no Database needed). Just run the Startfile on your Desktop.

LAN-SDS Full  Version for TEA1   +  GPS Tracking,  Remote-SDS, Remote-AT Twitter SDS, SQL-SDS ( Ping Pong Feature) , User DB – SDS

LAN-SDS Full Version needs Local DB installation of mysql Maria Database. Recommendation for Local  Database  Installation:

To create the Database use MariaDB – Main Package with HeidSQL ( formelry MY-SQL Front Editor) Recommendation for a Hardware Database is to use a Synology NAS with MariaDB


How does LAN-SDS Fullversion connect to the EADS Radio Terminal and Database  ?

  • LAN-SDS connects to EADS Radio by IP Adress and TCP Port ! ( via PiraCom)
  • LAN-SDS connects to Database  by IP Adress and TCP Port 3306 !

Do you have a EADS TEA1 Radio Terminal and Data Cable ? YES ? Visit the Download Page and start today.

Requirements for LAN-SDS Lite or Full Version:

  • 1x EADS Radio Terminal Min. SW Level 6.69, Data Cable
  • 1x PC, Windows, 3GB RAM, Java installled


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